The New Sigma TriScan is an innovative Intraoral 3D Scanner that generates a virtual model capturing extremely detailed images of the hard & soft, or non-calcified tissues in & around the gums digitally transferring them to a computer. High precision accuracy of 10 microns in less than 2 min. (17x15 field of view) w/3 autoclavable tips generates a virtual 3D model.

The Sigma TriScan is an intraoral scanner to take digital impressions of the intraoral structures by means of contactless scanning with light rays, chairside and within a few
minutes. The scanner comprises a wired handpiece, for intraoral use by the dentist,
connected to a computer with a monitor. A combination of a special camera unit
in a known three-dimensional position to a light source uses triangulation to
calculate the three-dimensional arrangement of the light reflecting surface points
of the scanned structures with an accuracy of 10 μm.

The Sigma TriScan is lightweight and small as it is only 216 x 40 x 30 mm and weights 246 g. The ergonomic shape of TriScan is relatively unobtrusive for the patient’s comfort, aside from adapt well to the hands of the professional using it; the scanner allows operator to hold it as though it were a pen or pencil, from beneath. This is a natural, relaxed posture that permits extremely accurate placement and movement for
the scanning process.

The Sigma TriScan generates a virtual model of the oral cavity that shows perfect details of the enamel, dentin, cementum, pulp, & the center of the tooth that contains nerves, blood vessels, & connective tissue. These high realistic impressions help to diagnose & plan any kind of specialized treatment such as implants, bridges, dentures, retainers, & crowns.


Light & compact structure.

  • 216 x 40 x 36 mm
  • Weight: 246g (8.7 oz.)
  • Accuracy: 10 microns
  • Customizable features for Full Mouth Series exams
  • Field of View: 17 x 15
  • Depth of Field: 15mm
  • Scan time < 2 min.
  • Data Format: STL, PTY, PTY
  • High precision accuracy, Fast & less invasive treatments, Automatic scan clean-up, Complete & precise treatments in minutes

3D Capture

The 3D capture software allows you to scan the entire mouth and create a virtual 3D model you can view and manipulate.

To use this function, start the scan and move the handheld 3D scanner around the teeth. To process a 3D exam further, stop the capture and go to processor mode.


Further process and refine the 3D model, and cleanup any unwanted geometry that the scanner picks up from the mouth.