BIO-RAY Medallion Intraoral Digital X-Ray Sensor

(5th generation BIO-RAY) with the latest advanced CsI, (Cesium Iodide) and fiber optic plate technology for the capture of high-quality dental intra-oral x-ray images. A sturdy sensor with cut corners for patient comfort, shortest time, reduced patient radiation, and direct USB connection allowing a wide range of exposure settings, resulting in consistent and diagnosable images.

  • Two Sizes
  • Water-resistant
  • Direct USB connection (no USB connection box)
BIO-RAY Medallion Imaging
BIO-RAY Medallion
BIO-RAY Medallion Specs

The Bio-Ray Medallion is available in two sizes:

Size 1 with a sensitive (active) area of 30 x 20 mm (ideal for children and tight areas).
Size 2, with a sensitive (active) area of 33 x 25 mm: a larger surface area for standard examinations.

SkanRay RayOs-DC High Frequency Intra-Oral X-Ray System

User Interface

  • Graphic LCD display, (switchable to human or vet)
  • Factory set parameters for film, digital sensor, and PSP
  • Three custom settings for the user to store preferred settings
  • Option to select short and long cone for exposure
  • Anatomy selection option
  • kV settable from 55 to 70 (fixed at 65 by default)
  • mA settable from 4 to 8 in steps of 1mA
  • Capable of working with two consoles (internal and external)
  • Option to integrate doorbell switch with external console for two-hand operation
  • Audio/visual exposure warning system
  • Feedback of actual exposure parameters

Finish and Ergonomics

  • High gloss easy to clean plastic parts
  • High gloss polyurethane paint for durability and ease of cleaning
  • Design without brakes avoiding field adjustments
  • Clear graphic display for user-friendly interfacing
  • Multiple arm lengths to suit the requirements of every clinic
  • Heavy casted base for the stability of mobile units
  • Settings either from internal or external console working simultaneously

Balanced and Stable Arm

  • Arm stable over 200,000 cycles of operation
  • Available with 24 in. short, or 32 in. long arm
  • Easy external adjustment of arm
  • Cable life of over 200,000 operations

Complete Focus Control

Remote Control Options

  • X-ray control with internal console and dead man switch only
  • X-ray control with internal and external console connected through RJ45 (8P8C)
  • X-ray control with internal and external console, and doorbell switch for two-switch operation (external console and doorbell switch connects through 3 wires)
  • Internal console and external doorbell switch through RJ11(6P4C) or 3 wire.

Wide Input Range With PFC Correction

  • PFC makes input current clean with low harmonic content
  • Unit works from 99V to 253 V AC giving constant and stable X-ray output

Low Leakage Radiation and Patient Dose

  • Leveraging of DC technology to reduce soft radiation and exposure time
  • Patented shielding method which makes leakage close to zero at 1mt distance
  • Recessed X-ray tube for ease of positioning for certain anatomy
  • Built-in safety to avoid unintentional X-ray exposure

SkanRay Specifications:

Tube Insert Model: OX/70-5
Focal Spot (IEC60336): 0.4mm IEC
Anode Material: Tungsten
Anode Angle: 19°
Insert Inherent Filtration: 0.5 mm Al Equivalent @ 70 kV
Anode Thermal Capacity: 7 kJ
Tube Voltage: 60kV - 70kV Settable (Step Size 1kV)
Source to Skin Distance: 9" +/- 0.2", 12.2" +/- with Cone Attachment
Weight (Packed): Wall Mount: 110 lbs., Mobile: 222 lbs./td>
Height (With Arms Folded): 51" +/- 0.5"
Long Arm Rotation: 180 deg. +/- 10 deg.
Scissor Arm Swing (Wall Mount): 220 deg. +/- 10 deg.
Scissor Arm Swing (Mobile): 70 deg. +/- 10 deg.
Tube-Head Swivel (Horizontal): 530 deg. +/- 10 deg.
Tube-Head Rotation (Vertical): 305 deg. +/- 5 deg.

Complies With Global Standards: UL, CE, FDA, Health-Canada, AERB.

ACTEON X-MIND Prime 2D Panoramic X-Ray

Sigma Digital X-Ray: ACTEON X-Mind Prime 2D Digital Panoramic X-Ray is a wall-hanging space-saving design with its 0-footprint space, providing easy wheelchair access, high-technology capability, and simplicity of use.

Take panoramic, temporomandibular joints, and sinuses with essential diagnostic tools in a cost-saving package.


ACTEON 2D Exam Workflow with X-MIND Prime:

ACTEON 2D Exam Workflow with X-MIND Prime:

ACTEON X-MIND Prime 3D Panoramic X-Ray

X-MIND Prime is a complete imaging solution combining panoramic and 3D X-rays, from general examination to specific treatment planning. 3D diagnosis is more accessible than ever with a smart and compact solution.