BIO-RAY Medallion Intraoral Digital X-Ray Sensor

(5th generation BIO-RAY) with the latest advanced CsI, (Cesium Iodide) and fiber optic plate technology for the capture of high-quality dental intra-oral x-ray images. A sturdy sensor with cut corners for patient comfort, shortest time, reduced patient radiation, and direct USB connection allowing a wide range of exposure settings, resulting in consistent and diagnosable images.

  • Water-resistant
  • Direct USB connection (no USB connection box)
  • The Bio-Ray Medallion is available in two sizes:
    • Size 1 with a sensitive (active) area of 30 x 20 mm (ideal for children and tight areas).
    • Size 2, with a sensitive (active) area of 33 x 25 mm: a larger surface area for standard examinations.
BIO-RAY Medallion Specs
BIO-RAY Medallion

Sensor Universal Positioners

New, improved Sensibles is a “universal” sensor positioning
system that does it all. Our patent-pending ratcheting
bite block locks down tight to form a custom-fit around
any size sensor in either the Horizontal
or Vertical position. After use, simply press the
quick release button, remove your sensor and autoclave
your Sensible Bite Block.

Sensibles now feature a unique “floating” bite block.
When taking a bite wing you simply slide the bite block
to the approximate mid-line of your sensor! Our locking
bumpers hold the bite block in place. It’s quick, easy,
and one bite block does it all!

Sensibles come in two sizes. Large is suited for most
size 1 & 2 sensors in the vertical position. Medium
is suited for most size 1 & 2 sensors in the horizontal
position, and size 0 sensors in either the vertical or horizontal
positions. Once you try them, you’ll quickly find yourself relying on
just one size Sensible for the majority of your x-rays!
Color coded sizes. Quick and easy to use. Versatile, autoclavable and economically priced.

Sensor kit price @ $99.95


SkanRay RayOs-DC High Frequency Intra-Oral X-Ray System

User Interface

  • Graphic LCD display, (switchable to human or vet)
  • Factory set parameters for film, digital sensor, and PSP
  • Three custom settings for the user to store preferred settings
  • Option to select short and long cone for exposure
  • Anatomy selection option
  • kV settable from 55 to 70 (fixed at 65 by default)
  • mA settable from 4 to 8 in steps of 1mA
  • Capable of working with two consoles (internal and external)
  • Option to integrate doorbell switch with external console for two-hand operation
  • Audio/visual exposure warning system
  • Feedback of actual exposure parameters

Finish and Ergonomics

  • High gloss easy to clean plastic parts
  • High gloss polyurethane paint for durability and ease of cleaning
  • Design without brakes avoiding field adjustments
  • Clear graphic display for user-friendly interfacing
  • Multiple arm lengths to suit the requirements of every clinic
  • Heavy casted base for the stability of mobile units
  • Settings either from internal or external console working simultaneously

Balanced and Stable Arm

  • Arm stable over 200,000 cycles of operation
  • Available with 24 in. short, or 32 in. long arm
  • Easy external adjustment of arm
  • Cable life of over 200,000 operations

Complete Focus Control

Remote Control Options

  • X-ray control with internal console and dead man switch only
  • X-ray control with internal and external console connected through RJ45 (8P8C)
  • X-ray control with internal and external console, and doorbell switch for two-switch operation (external console and doorbell switch connects through 3 wires)
  • Internal console and external doorbell switch through RJ11(6P4C) or 3 wire.

Wide Input Range With PFC Correction

  • PFC makes input current clean with low harmonic content
  • Unit works from 99V to 253 V AC giving constant and stable X-ray output

Low Leakage Radiation and Patient Dose

  • Leveraging of DC technology to reduce soft radiation and exposure time
  • Patented shielding method which makes leakage close to zero at 1mt distance
  • Recessed X-ray tube for ease of positioning for certain anatomy
  • Built-in safety to avoid unintentional X-ray exposure

SkanRay Specifications:

Tube Insert Model: OX/70-5
Focal Spot (IEC60336): 0.4mm IEC
Anode Material: Tungsten
Anode Angle: 19°
Insert Inherent Filtration: 0.5 mm Al Equivalent @ 70 kV
Anode Thermal Capacity: 7 kJ
Tube Voltage: 60kV - 70kV Settable (Step Size 1kV)
Source to Skin Distance: 9" +/- 0.2", 12.2" +/- with Cone Attachment
Weight (Packed): Wall Mount: 110 lbs., Mobile: 222 lbs./td>
Height (With Arms Folded): 51" +/- 0.5"
Long Arm Rotation: 180 deg. +/- 10 deg.
Scissor Arm Swing (Wall Mount): 220 deg. +/- 10 deg.
Scissor Arm Swing (Mobile): 70 deg. +/- 10 deg.
Tube-Head Swivel (Horizontal): 530 deg. +/- 10 deg.
Tube-Head Rotation (Vertical): 305 deg. +/- 5 deg.

Complies With Global Standards: UL, CE, FDA, Health-Canada, AERB.

ACTEON X-MIND Prime 2D Panoramic X-Ray

Sigma Digital X-Ray: ACTEON X-Mind Prime 2D Digital Panoramic X-Ray is a wall-hanging space-saving design with its 0-footprint space, providing easy wheelchair access, high-technology capability, and simplicity of use.

Take panoramic, temporomandibular joints, and sinuses with essential diagnostic tools in a cost-saving package.


ACTEON 2D Exam Workflow with X-MIND Prime:

ACTEON 2D Exam Workflow with X-MIND Prime:

ACTEON X-MIND Prime 3D Panoramic X-Ray

X-MIND Prime is a complete imaging solution combining panoramic and 3D X-rays, from general examination to specific treatment planning. 3D diagnosis is more accessible than ever with a smart and compact solution.