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SigmaDigital X-Ray is your top choice when it comes to efficient digital x-ray machines. As an experienced business in the field, we are focused on developing technologically advanced products at the best possible value as well as providing unmatched customer service and support.

Our Machines


  • Bio-Ray intraoral digital imaging sensors
  • SigmaImage digital imaging software
  • Accessories for use with Bio-Ray imaging devices
  • Intraoral X-Ray Machines
  • Panoramic X-Ray Machines
  • 3D/CT Panoramic X-Ray Machines
  • Dicom Imaging Software


  • DR imaging plates and handheld ultrasound for small office use, such as; podiatry, hand, and chiropractors
  • SigmaImage digital imaging software
  • DICOM digital imaging software


  • DR imaging plates and handheld ultrasound for use with small animal and mobile applications such as equine.
  • SigmaImage-Vet digital imaging software
  • Dicom Imaging Software

About Our Management

Kim Antol is the president of SigmaDigital X-Ray. Having more than 33 years of experience in managing the business, he has displayed exceptional leadership capabilities to the team’s top-quality products and services.

Our History

We introduced the 1st panoramic digital x-ray for dentistry and emergency medical application into the US in 1997. We began as Sigma Biomedics in 1988 in northwest suburban Chicago and was originally established to supply premium x-ray chemistry, including a private label for Siemens Medical Systems Dental Div, among other popular brands at that time.

How It All Started

In the early 1900s, x-ray digital imaging was first introduced in the dental industry in Europe. Even though its early acceptance was limited and moved very slowly, the arrival of the machine threatened the long-term viability of conventional film and chemistry. Therefore, it was decided to direct all efforts to migrate into digital imaging.

In 1997, SigmaDigital X-Ray introduced the first digital panoramic x-ray called DXIS in the US market. Additional products were added including the USB intraoral video cameras and the CR Phosphor technology. As one of the pioneers in the industry, we have served the dental, medical, and veterinary community nationwide for over 30 years, with an A+ Better Business rating, having never reorganized, closed, or sold.

We added the intraoral bio-ray digital x-ray imaging system and intraoral x-ray machines in 2003 and 2004 respectively. In 2006, the FDA-approved Bio-Ray SDX intraoral x-ray sensor system was introduced. This system brought major improvement in image quality and stability with the introduction and use of fiber optic plates and needle scintillator technology, giving it the highest image quality and resolution achievable at that time at a moderate price.

As technology advanced, additional machines were added through the years with installations worldwide. These include the direct capture imaging plates and 3D CT imaging systems. Almost all our digital imaging products, such as intra-oral, panoramic, video, CR readers or scanners, and large DR imaging plates were designed to integrate together with one central multilingual imaging software including the Dicom format capability for medical PAC system applications.


Our Commitment to You

With a nationwide network of technicians, we strive to make sure that you, as our customer, are comfortable in discussing what your expectations are prior to developing a solution for your needs. We are your trusted partner from initial system configuration and creative financing to final installation and in-service applications. We also commit ourselves to fair and reasonable pricing.

Over the years, we pride ourselves on the growth that we have achieved. We have always had provide-high quality products and we continue to find more ways to improve as technology continues to evolve. We strive to become innovators and leaders in the field.

Ask Our Experts About Your Imaging Needs

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