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Sigma Digital X-Ray is a manufacturer and distributor of digital x-ray imaging devices and accessories for small office Dental, Medical, and Veterinary facilities. We utilize the latest technologies and advancements available while still providing economic value to the customer. Sigma not only offers the best products available - we are committed to superior service and support.

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Sigma Digital X-Ray has specialized and customized it's digital imaging products for each industry and profession it serves. We believe in developing and presenting technologically advanced products at the best possible value to the ultimate end-user, as well as providing superior customer service and support.


  • Bio-Ray SDX intraoral digital imaging sensors
  • Bio-Ray USB Cam intraoral video camera
  • SigmaImage digital imaging software
  • Accessories for use with Bio-Ray imaging devices


  • SigmaOrthoScan CR digital imaging phosphor plate scanner for small office use, such as; Podiatry, Hand, and Chiropractors
  • SigmaImage digital imaging software
  • DICOM digital imaging software


  • SigmaVet CR digital imaging phosphor plate scanner for use with small animal and mobile applications such as Equine.
  • SigmaImage-Vet digital imaging software

Since its inception, Sigma has been governed by its vision. It shapes the culture and defines the character of our company and guide how we make decisions.

Due to early resistance and the high cost of digital x-ray technology in the Dental field, all of the early companies either failed or were sold; as even today, companies and technology continue to change hands. Sigma is proud to claim; we have survived and grown, (now in our 3rd facility), and are the same company with many of the dedicated people as when we started.

Sigma has always had the vision to provide high quality products, with the latest technology, at fair and reasonable pricing. We are always looking to introduce new and more advanced technologies which we feel meet the criteria and quality standard that our customers demand.

The near future will be evidenced with some of these new innovations as we strive to continue to be innovators and leaders in our field.

If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday.

Sigma Digital X-Ray began as Sigma Biomedics in 1988, and was based in northwest suburban Chicago. Sigma was originally established to create and manufacture premium x-ray chemistry, including the private label for Siemens Medical Systems, Dental Div., (among other well known brands of the time).

However around 1993, introduction of x-ray digital imaging in Europe began in the Dental industry, which even though early acceptance was limited and moved very slowly; threatened the long term viability of conventional film and chemistry. Therefore it was decided to direct all efforts to introduce a digital imaging product of our own.

Even though Sigma has been in the dental industry for almost 25 years, it has struggled with name recognition; so a decision was made for a name change to "Sigma Digital X-Ray" (as a dba), to more associate with what Sigma is all about.

In 1997 Sigma introduced the 1st conversion digital panoramic x-ray system into the US market called "DXIS", and therefore consider ourselves a pioneer in this field. Additional products were added such as USB intraoral video cameras and CR Phosphor technology manufactured by Orex.

In 2003, Sigma added the Bio-Ray Intraoral Digital Imaging System, and in 2004 - the BlueX x-ray machine line.

2006 brought the evolution of its own FDA approved Bio-Ray SDX intraoral sensor system - a major improvement in image quality and stability with the introduction and use of fiber optic plates and needle scintillator technology, giving it the highest image quality and resolution achievable at that time. With its high quality and moderate price....it's the best solution for today's Dentist.

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Kim Antol, President

Kim brings to Sigma a unique mix of leadership capabilities, film and digital x-ray products, and a 20-year history of growing businesses.

Kim holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Miami.

E-mail Kim at kantol@sigmadigitalxray.com.

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